High end scent experience has begun

Sound, image and lighting are factores wich enhance our daily experiences. Especially with help of smart devices. We All know that scent influences a persons mood. It was waiting for the right innovation to experience scent in our houses.

That’s why we developed Scenter.
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Personal. Smart. Interactive.

Mooodz Scenter is a smart device, it can recognize Scentcartridges to their unique RFID tags.
Connect Scenter to your Philips Hue or combine with streaming music and find the perfect scent that matches your music playlist or genre .
Scenter is self-learning, available in three colors and comes with a rechargeable batter and more.
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Select & switch scents

Scenter can hold 3 Scentcartridges wich are installed in the bottom.
Scenter recognize these cartridges by their unique RFID tag.
The device is capable of recieving the RFID data wich tells him more about the end of life indicator of the cartridge.

In the heart of Scenter is a innovative piece of technology, called the Selectordisk wich let you choose a cartridge to play.
A cartridge can be replaced or installed with a handy screw-cap mechanism called the “easy-switch”.
The app keeps track of all cartridges ever installed in your personal Scenter. Here you can check the “end of life” indication of your
favourite scents. Scenter tells you when to switch between cartridges when needed to intensift your moood or when it’s nearly empty.

If you want to experience a certain moood or listen to a playlist wich has a scentcartridge wich is not installed, Scenter will tell you to installed the
correct cartridge or help you find a other match.

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Completely designed and developed Mooodz product. 100 % Dutch design .
The design of Scenter derives its form from function and emotion.
It is designed to create an optimal airflow. Easily movable.
It operates fully stand alone on its integrated battery as well as connected to the powersupply or when mounted on the wall by its intuitive wallmount.
Scent cartridges are easily installed.
Its shapes are inpired by” the perfume bottle “, ” haute horlogerie ” and ” minimalist consumer electronics .”

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Mooodz Scenter

Mooodz Scenter

Mooodz Scenter

Scenter orange black furniture
Mooodz Scenter green silver furniture

Intuïtive controls

intuitive operation
Scenter is operated by its intuitive controlpanel or via the Mooodz app.
We have t kept as simple as possible. Intuitive and logical.
Control the scent intensity and scentvolume with the up arrow on the controlpanel. Switch scent with arrow down .
Play and pause speaks for itself. Activate the intervalmode by holding the play/pause button for a short moment.
The LEDs are clear and indicative. Scenter is a scent player : Experience your mooodz , play your scents .

controlpanel uitleg

Mooodz App

Mooodz Scenter can be operated by the Mooodz app
This lets you control Scenter remotely or by calendar. But that’s not all!

Properties of the Moooodz scents are really optimized in the app.

In this way you can combince scent with audio, television and light.
Create the right atmosphere setting with your personal songs and light setting. If you like this setting, save it. We call it a moood.

Intensify and relive your own moment whenever you want.
From romantic to chill to focus. Receive personal mooodz from others via social media friends and us.
EYou can even create playlists. Adjust settings to your personal preference because scent is particularly personal.
Determine intensity and interval.

Real deeper experiences with scent is something you can right now! Enthusiastic? Pre Order mooodz Scenter to be one of the first!

Scent control

The three Mooodz scentcartridges are controlled withen the “scents” section of the Mooodz app.
Here you can see and control the scentproperties, instant. If desired, adjust to your personal preferences.
Switch easily between you scents, choose the best one for your moood. In the meanwhile, look up a few matching songs and even active a lightsetting.
Like this? Hit the button: “Save as moood”.
Watch soccer with the Mooodz scent No.5. A fine mixture of grass, leather and earthy notes!

Mooodz and playlists

So you can save your favourite moments as a “moood”.
Displayed in the app, personalised by your description and photo.
A moood is linked to one scent, multiple songs and a lightsetting.
One scent can be linked to multiple mooodz. You can save a collection mooodz as playlist.
In this way, Scenter helps you relive that great worldtrip you made last year or even intensify your romantic night right now.
Different scents are played thematically with the push of a button!

Scenter in Smart home .

This is our vision of a smart home which Scenter plays a key role in . Click each plus sign for more information.
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Mooodz Scenter specifications

Mooodz Scenter specifications